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Basketball 19.10.15 – Match Report

Lowerplace started promising tonight narrowly loosing 6-4 to Caldershaw. The stand out performer in match one was Sahil with his excellent defending. However, match two was a disappointment loosing 8-0 to our close rivals Broadfield, who managed to mark us of the pitch and made it very difficult for us to attack. With Lowerplace being courageous and determined to win, they pulled together to compete very well with Meanwood. This was always going to be a test for Lowerplace as Meanwood were excellent the year before. However, we managed to match them right up till the end, narrowly loosing 4 – 2. Iqra was a star performer in this match showing Lowerplace how to defend and working for all of her team mates. Even though it was a disappointing night in terms of results Lowerplace learnt a lot tonight and can hold their heads up high ready for the next round!