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Lowerplace V Sandbrook

This evening the football team played against Sandbrook. The boys started very well having lots of chances early on but not making any of them count. The children became more confident at the first half went on. With Sahil and Kasim going close with a chance. Philip kept the ball moving and the two rocks (Kane and Diogo) kept them at bay. Late on in the second half Kasim went through on goal and finished low into the goal. In the second half Lowerplace started the stronger again winning the ball back quickly and attacking as a team this time. The children had chance after chance, with Sandbrook’s keeping pulling off some fantastic saves. Sahil went through 1 0n 1 with the goal keeper and secured Lowerplace’s second goal. Later on in the second half Sahil went through 1 on 1 with the keeper this time putting the ball over the second half. Sandbrook went for it in the last couple of minutes, but Lowerplace were strong enough to keep them at bay. Fantastic performance from all the boys tonight! @LPS_PE

Fixtures Autumn 2

This half term we have added to our fixtures list see below:

  • Y5/Y6 Hockey V Castleton – 4.11.15
  • Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby Competition – 16.11.15
  • Y5/Y6 Athletics Competition – 24.11.15
  • Y5/Y6 Hockey V Broadfield – 25.11.15
  • Y5/Y6 Hockey V Broadfield – 9.12.15

We have also joined a football league so keep a look out for fixtures!